Saturday, July 9, 2011

More Instructions

Ladies and Gentlemen:

For those who are confused by the “post a comment” process, please follow the instructions below:
  1. Think about what you want to write. The readership of this blog will obviously be in the millions, so there is some pressure here to be witty.
  2. Before you set fingers-to-keypad: Blogspot will require you to have an account prior to letting you post. (As seen in the “Select Profile” drop-down list next to “Comment As”) For most of you, a Google Account is your best option. (Please note: A Gmail account is the same thing as a Google Account.)
    1. If you already have a Gmail account or Google Account: Write your comment. Then select Google Account from the drop-down list and hit the post comment button. That button will take you to another page which will ask you to sign in using your Google Account. Once you’ve done so, you’ll be redirected to the blog page again with your comment and the option to edit it or post it as is. Hit “Post Comment” and feel good.
    2. If you DO NOT have a Gmail or Google account: Follow the above instructions. Select Google Account from the drop-down list and click “Sign in.” As above, you’ll be re-directed to the Google sign-in page. Below the large “Sign in” part of the page, there is a smaller box which reads: “Don’t have a Google account? Sign up here.” Click the link and follow the instructions. Ultimately, you’ll get an account and then be able to go back to the blog and post your comment.
  3. If you simply cannot figure it out, or lack the interest in doing so, you may email me your comment and I will post it at my earliest convenience.
  4. If you lack even that option, you probably aren’t reading this post, so it doesn’t matter.
Thanks! - les

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